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  • Charming hotel : La Roya

    La Roya

    There is a splendid, distinctive hotel on the Bay of Saint-Florent in Corsica which has everything to ensure high quality, relaxing stays. Located on a fine sandy beach and surrounded by a superb garden with stone pines and palm trees, this gem exudes a serene, enchanting ambiance that is hard to resist.   The 32 rooms of HOTEL LA ROYA are smart and spruce with brightly coloured fabrics that contrast with the pale walls. Their decor is understated to cultivate a more soothing mood. The amenities are worthy of a distinctive hotel...

    Double room from 150 €
  • Charming hotel : Le Roi Théodore

    Le Roi Théodore

    Corsica, the "Beautiful Island", lives up to its nickname even more when you stay at LE ROI THEODORE HOTEL. This splendid, distinctive hotel boasts 4 stars, as well as myriad plants, works of art, and indoor fountains which transform it into an oasis where tranquillity goes hand in hand with quality and serenity.   In Porto-Vecchio, between the mountains and the sea, Le Roi Théodore comprises 47 comfortable rooms and 6 suites. Their understated decoration creates a light, refreshing atmosphere. They are spacious,...

    Double room from 179 €
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